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歌名:《Amazing》 歌手:Kanye West


歌名:Street Fighter II


歌名《亡命之徒》 歌手 :纵贯线(罗大佑、李宗盛、周华健与张震岳)


比赛结束后播放的歌曲 歌名:Alone 演唱:Bee Gees 谷歌音乐里有


试听 http://www.cococ.com/play/182461.html

下载 http://file1.top100.cn/200905250004/7334EDAF8DD382B167E50EBC19B1CD5E/Special_14662/Alone.mp3



试听 http://tingyx.uuu9.com/danji/200705/10701.shtml


西城男孩 change the world


歌名:The Souls Of Distortion 演唱:Joe Satriani


歌名:the final countdown 歌手:europe



nba广告歌曲-santana-the game of love.mp3

nba-广告歌曲-liz phair-why can't i.mp3

马丽亚凯利nba - i still believe(nba 广告主题曲).mp3

nba-广告歌曲 a thousand miles.mp3

50cent nba live.mp3


nba - can’t_stop.mp3

the corrs-so young nba主题曲.mp3

nba全明星歌曲--the game of love.mp3

nba live 2004 - black eyes peas - hands up.mp3


warzone (nba live 2005 mix).mp3

so young (nba主题曲).mp3

presley - all shook up(猫王-nba歌曲).mp3


christina aguilera-fighter(nba季后赛主题曲).mp3

nba-it's my life.mp3

nba-04-we will rock you.mp3

篮球-nba-广告歌曲-liz phair-why can't i.mp3

nba live 2003 - 07 - hot karl - blao.mp3

nba - shaquille o'neal - you can't stop the reign.mp3

马丽亚凯利nba - i still believe(nba 广告主题曲).mp3

02、dem gals (nba live 2005 mix).mp3

nba live 2003 - 02 - fabolous - it's in the game.mp3

chingy·right thurr (nba live mix).mp3

samantha munba-always come back to you love.mp3

17 nba广告歌曲-santana-the game of love.mp3

nba - a thousand miles.mp3

nba - nike rap - kevin garnett.mp3

nba-02-men of steel.mp3



I still believe--Mariah Carey NBA一首广告歌曲


We Will Rock You--Queen 老歌,NBA曾用主题曲.你在中央5播放足球集锦时应该听过.摇滚.


Fighter Fighter--Christina Aguilera NBA2002-03赛季的季后赛主题曲



The Game Of Love --Santa 同样是一首2002-03赛季的主题曲


I believe I can fly-- R.Kelly 向Jordan致敬的歌 空中大灌篮 MJ集锦




Song Of Yao Ming 你明白


My happy ending--Avril Lavigne——NBA宣传曲




Why can't I--Liz Phair——NBA2004年的宣传曲 (中场宣传歌曲)


So Young--The Corrs MNA宣传曲


A Thousand Miles--Vanessa Carlton NBA宣传歌曲 .<小姐好白>里的插曲,厄..


Can't Stop-- Red Hot Chili Peppers NBA宣传歌曲

Elevation--U2 NBA宣传歌曲,歌中的几句歌词也正如中锋们在每次起跳时想要说的话:Higher now In the sky You make me feel like I can fly So high Elevation

Dilemma--Nelly&Kelly Rowland NBA宣传曲


Outkast--Hey ya 在NBA全明星赛的开场和球员进场时,经常能听到这首歌,此单曲已连续包揽B illboard 单曲榜冠亚军近两个月。


It's My Life --Bon Jovi 摇滚


Breathless--The Corrs

Bobby Womack Featuring Wayman Tisdale-Let Good Times Roll 来吧,Jazz

Right Here ---Swv

Get Ready For This-- Unlimited NBA宣传曲


打包下载《NBA Live 2004》完整原声大碟

打包下载《NBA Live 2005》完整原声大碟

打包下载《NBA Live 2006》完整原声大碟



Section 1:

Basketball Music Lyrics and Rap



Beastie Boys: Tough Guy

Curtis Blow: Basketball

B Real, Coolio, Busta Rhymes, LL Cool J, Method Man: Hit' em High (The Monstar's Anthem)

Cheech and Chong f / Tyrone Shoelaces: Basketball Jones

Coolio: All The Way Live Now

Dlr Band: Slam Dunk

Jimmy Fallon: (I Can't Play) Basketball

5ive: Slam Dunk Da Funk

The Flys: The Gods of Basketball

Forty-Two: Funky White Guy

G. Love and Special Sauce: Shooting Hoops

Imajin: I Don't Wanna Play Basketball

Jin: NBA

Kriminal: Basketball

Lil' Bow Wow f / Fabolous, Fundisha and Jermaine Duprie: Basketball

Lil' Bow Wow: Take Ya Home

Lincoln: Basketball

Master P: Basketball

Shaquille O'Neal f / Trigga: Fly Like An Eagle

Shaquille O'Neal f / Def Jef: I Know I Got, Skillz

Presidents of the United States: Magic Johnson Dream

Red Hot Chilli Peppers: Magic Johnson

R.O.C.: NBA 2k2

Sesame Street: Five

69 Boyz: Hoop In Yo Face

Skee-Lo: I Wish

Snoop Dogg: Hoop Dreams (He Got Game)

Section 2:

Music Lyrics and Rap Related to basketball



Davis Alana: Turtle

Alkaholiks: Hip Hop Drunkies

Andy: Memories

Apollo 440: Raw Power

Arrogant Worms: Me Like Hockey

Artificial Joy Club: Sick and Beautiful

Bacon Brothers: Guess Again

B.G.: Rollin' Raw

Barenaked Ladies: Ed's Uncle Elwyn

Beanie Siegel f / Jay-Z: Raw and Uncut

Bif Naked: My Bike

Big Punisher f / Tommy Sunshine: Mamma

Blade: Come On

Blaque: Can't Trust Myself

The Boyz: I Want You Back

Kobe Bryant f / Tyra Banks : K.O.B.E.

Busta Rhymes: The Heist

Cam'Ron: Rockin' And Rollin'

Aaron Carter: Never Too Young, Never Too Old

Cheech and Chong: Earache My Eye

Paula Cole: Bethlehem

Corey f / Lil Romeo: Hush Little Lady

Corky and the Juice Pigs: Basketball Ass

Corky and the Juicy Pigs: Pandas

Billy Ray Cyrus: Busy Man

D-12 f / Dina Rea: Pimp Like Me

Bern Dan: No Missing Link

Dave Holister: Can't Stay

Dead Mikmen: Now Everybody's Me

Dead Prez: Score

Deftones: Wicked

Dog Eat Dog: Sore Loser

Drag On f / P Killer Trackz: Click Click Clack

Dynamite Hack: Today Is A Good Day

Dynamite Hack: Boyz N The Hood

E-40 f / Suga T: Lace Me Up

The Fugees: Living Like There Ain't Tomorrow

Fun Loving Criminals: Bear Hug

House of Pain: Punch Drunk

House of Pain: Work Is Bond

House of Pain: X-Files

I Mother Earth: Basketball

Janis Ian: Seventeen

Michael Jackson: Superfly Sister

Michael Jackson f / Shaquille O'Neal: 2Bad

Jagged Edge: Head of Household

Jay-Z: Anything

Jay-Z: H to the Izzo

Jay-Z f / Sean Paul: What They Gonna Do

Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince: Summertime

Elton John: Mona Lisa and Mad Hatters Part II

John Q. Public: Preacher's Kid

Tobey Keith: Honky Tonk U

King's X: Complain

Krs-One: Represent the Real Hip Hop

Korn: Ear Ache My Eye

Kottenmouth Kings: Frontline

Lil' Flip: I Shoulda Listened

Lil Romeo: My Baby

Lil Romeo: 2 Way

LL Cool Jay: Around The Way Girl

Lyte Funkie Ones: Summer Girls

Mario: Put Me On

Marvelous 3: #27

Ian Mathews: Shake It

Master P f / Afficial: Roll How We Roll

John Mellencamp: Rooty Toot Toot

Method Man and Redman: Y.O.U.

Mr T Experience: I Just Wanna Do It With You

Nas: Project Window

Nelly: Country Grammar

Nelly: Greed, Hate, Envy

Nelly: Say Now

New Power Generation (NPG): Cherry Cherry

Nuts Can Surf: Cysco

Shaquille O'Neal: Fiend -98

Shaquille O'Neal: 48 @ The Buzzer

Shaquille O'Neal: Pool Jam

Shaquille O'Neal: You Can't Stop The Reign

Shaquille O' Neal f / Peter Gunz: It Was All A Dream

Shaquille O' Neal f / Phife Dawg: Where Ya At

Outkast: D.E.E.P.

Petey Pablo: Raise Up

Pharoahe Monche: Queens

Piglets: Johnny Reggae

Poetic Ammo: Approximate Detonation

Prefab Sprout: I Never Play Basketball Now

Prince: Style

Princess Superstar: CEO

Project Wize: Erica

Public Enemy: I Stand Accused

Redman f / Lady Luck: Come And Get It

Romanovsky and Phillips: Outfield Blues

Roots f / Dice Raw: Ain't Saying Nothin New

Roots f / Dice Raw and Beanie Siegel: Adrenaline!

Adam Sandler: Moyda

Adam Sandler: Red Hooded Sweatshirt

Adam Sandler: 7 Foot Man

Saw Doctors: All The Way From Tuam

702: Steelo

Sesame Street: Four

Sesame Street: Oscar's 'B' Sandwich

Sesame Street: Tall Short Texan

Shaggy: Why Me Lord

Small Fred: Annie

Will Smith: "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" Theme Song

Will Smith: Gettin' Jiggy Wit It

Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff: Boom! Shake the Room

Snoop Doggy Dog: Tear 'Em Off, Me And My Doggz

Fredro Starr: What If

Ray Stevens: The Streak

Sticky Fingaz: What If I was White

Sugarhill Band: Rappers Delight

SWV f / Snoop Doggy Dog: Gettin' Funky

Taryn and Arianne: Dream

Ali Tatyana: Dreamin'

Third Eye Blond: An Ode To Maybe

311: Jackolantern's Weather

Throwing Muses: Backroad

Too $hort: Cusswords

Too $hort f / Ant Banks MC Breed: Givin Up The Funk

Toucher: Y.M.C.A.

A Tribe Called Quest: 8 Million Stories

A Tribe Called Quest: Hot 4U

Tupac Shakur f / Ray Tyson: A Day In The Life

The Vandals: My First Xmas, As A Woman

Wu Tang Clan: For Heaven's Sake

Judd Wynonna: Girls With Guitars

WWF: Wreck (Mankind Theme)

Xzibit: Alkaholic

Young MC: Principal's Office

Young Stef f / Lil' Bow Wow: Can I Holla

Youngstown: It's Not What You Think

Roy Zimmerman: Michael, Row Your Boat Ashore

ZZ Top: Woke Up With Wood





群星 -《NBA官方、宣传歌曲合辑》含2004、2005年官方合辑:




Neva lose (main theme) - osuc 街头篮球的主题音乐,超级酷音乐!Back street - Musai 只听音乐你也可以感觉到街头篮球Wheel bug - Musai 只听音乐你也可以感觉到街头篮球Gambler of the court - Musai 动感的旋律!那就是篮球的音乐~Da Da Da - Musai 大家一起来吧! 来~来~来~!街头篮球的无穷魅力!!Soft baketgirl - Musai 好可爱的街头篮球美少女!!不妨在游戏中感觉一下!City of mine - Joosuc 欢快的城市下午,球场上矫健身影,那就是我!!!Freestyle - Joosuc 自由!!自由就是唯一规则!!Old skool - Joosuc 贝斯的超低旋律,你感觉到了吗?Sunset beach - Joosuc 在烈日骄阳下的海边,享受着街头篮球

Get funky - Joosuc 准备好了吗?让街头篮球带给你无穷快乐吧

End of the Game - Joosuc 一场游戏结束了.下一场让我们再继续nba-it's my life


mp3nba广告主题曲-hip-hop nba - i still believe

wmanba-广告歌曲 a thousand miles

mp3the corrs-so young nba主题曲

mp3christina aguilera-fighter(nba季后赛主题曲)

mp3篮球-nba-广告歌曲-liz phair-why can't i

mp3nba-广告歌曲-liz phair-why can't i

mp3nba-04-we will rock you




1、We Will Rock You——来自乐队Queen,与足球世界杯同曲;

2、I still believe——天后Mariah Carey激情奉献 ;

3、Don't Stop——NBA2002-03赛季常规赛的主题曲,来自The Rolling Stones;

4、The Game Of Love——同样是一首2002-03赛季的主题曲,歌名很容易让人想起NBA最耳熟能详的那句口号:I LOVE THIS GAME!

5、Dig In——NBA2002-03季后赛的主题曲,来自Lenny Kravitz Lenny;


7、Can\'t Stop——来自Red Hot Chili Peppers ,献给赛场上得分超群的各位后卫的;

8、Fighter——来自Christina Aguilera 。

9、Dilemma——来自Nelly和Kelly Rowland 。

10、Bowling for soup-1985——NBA宣传曲;

11、Outkast-Hey Ya;

12、Allen Iverson-last night——iverson的一首广为流传的歌曲 ;

13、Liz phair-Why Can't I;

14、Uncle Kracker-Drift Aways;

15、Elvis Presley-All Shook Up;

16、Train don't stop there anymore-Elton John 全明星周末中场时的表演曲目;

17、Californication-Red Hot Chili Peppers ;

18、Yeah -Usher;

19、nba-广告歌曲 a thousand miles;

20、My happy ending-*ril lavigne;



Nelly&Kelly Rowland--Dilemma

NBA宣传曲,来自Nelly和Kelly Rowland 。舒服的旋律,MV也很唯美~ 每次NBA比赛间歇播这首歌的时候,心情总是很惬意完全没有歌名本身的味道:dilemma的本意是“进退两难”。


NBA宣传歌曲,来自U2乐队。众多中锋爆发力十足的灌篮和封盖,以及摘抢篮板时的自信配以Bono霸气的演唱与U2狂放的编曲,充分体现了中锋身上那种如歌名一样的气质---“王者风范”,而歌中的几句歌词也正如中锋们在每次起跳时想要说的话:Higher now In the 

3.Vanessa Carlton--A Thousand Miles



4.The Corrs--So Young

The Corrs 可儿家族合唱团,这首"So Young"就是令The Corrs大红大紫的一首轻松活泼的经典歌曲。同时也是一首NBA的宣传曲。

5.Outkast--Hey ya

在NBA全明星赛的开场和球员进场时,经常能听到这首歌,此单曲已连续包揽B illboard 单曲榜冠亚军近两个月。

6.Red Hot Chili Peppers --Can't Stop

Can't Stop——NBA宣传歌曲,如果说U2的那首歌是为了中锋而做的,那么红辣椒的这首Can't Stop就是做给后卫的了。“让速度快到不能停止!!!”

7.Santa--The Game Of Love

The Game Of Love——同样是一首2002-03赛季的主题曲,来自拉丁摇滚第一吉他手Santana和当红的摇滚女声Michelle。歌名很容易让人想起NBA最耳熟能详的那句口号:I LOVE THIS GAME!

8.Liz Phair--Why can't I

9.Christina Aguilera--Fighter



10.Mariah Carey--I Still Believe

I still believe——NBA一首广告歌曲,天后Mariah Carey的歌,不用多说了吧。

11.Lenny Kravitz Lenny--Dig In

NBA2002-03赛季季后赛的主题曲,来自Lenny Kravitz Lenny的名气也许不大,但他的音乐才华却是无人能够忽视。

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